domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013



My nombbre is Jesus Gabriel Cardenas Mascareño I was born on November 3, 1997 I have 15 years and I was born in Culiacan Sinaloa am the youngest of three brothers brother my brother called john of god my middle brother called my dad jehomar called saints john my mom called Silvia Leticia this is my autobiography.
When I was little a baby not remember exactly what I used to do but what I do remember was that I liked to crawl much of the floor to grab things and aventarlas not know where to be and always spent crawling on the floor or in the arms of my uncles, grandparents and parents and then we went over time as every child to kindergarten every day and I always hung out with my cousin called samanta and my best friend Carlos always every day at recess we would get together to play and always Carlos and I went at grasshoppers or crickets and the aventábamos to our friend and one day out of nowhere the teacher told us to get out of the room to see a butterfly as slow out of the cocoon and emerged as little and butterfly flew slowly but flew away and so the days passed and always did the same daily running play and joke between us that before the person to sit in the chair you the you moved fast for the person callera the floor was very funny and it haha over time finished kindergarten and start another stage called primary.
In elementary remember much more things because there friends did more friends but never separated me from my cousin and my best friend Carlos always got together every recess to play hide and seek with the chairs tempted to move all the days we PE played always used to play football I was always the goalie because I liked that position I did not like to be running behind the ball as silly as the other children and was always doing the same in recreational play hide and seek or tempted and lured with ball but because as we grow and they struck other things like tops, yo-yos , the marble and Thassos were times when each of those games all primary always wore each his toy to play with at recess because in the lounge class because we were not playing very fearful because they could call our parents and many other things. And in the 4th grade at the beginning of the year I left eye accident with iron hook on my ranch , and since then I started to wear glasses and I do not like it because everyone viewed me weird and stuff and I was very sorry but the passage of time and I did not care and always carried me no matter what people told me and it always amused me because everyday was always in recess or futbeis play soccer with my friends and whenever we went out at 11 morning nobody said anything to stay and play futbeis and always was well 5th and 6th grade until graduation we all say goodbye to each " goodbye see you soon and nobody ever came back to see only rarely by pure chance " but so was quite a story of laughter games with class clown named Oscar that to date I have not seen and many others who after graduation from primary I have not seen at parties or meetings or anything that and it was an experience of laughter and fun games in elementary school but entered another important phase we all go through high school.
In high school and change the whole picture of what I knew of primary party and were walking over boyfriends more things we have not experienced aviamos but over time I came to know the clubs parties and more friends more things I had never seen and experiences that I had lived more than if I had talked to them and over time as high school I still miss me very much because I had known many friends in high school but then we all went to different high schools I have found many friends who had not seen since the holidays and because I had many experiences anyway so in high school was a phase of my life that I will not forget because for me it was very nice school by their experiences in it in many ways but as the last day for delivery of papers did what we always wanted to do in the classroom to make a total chaos haha throw chairs in one place broke the teacher 's table and we decomposed Mini split air conditioners ye the living room and since then they wanted to charge but not perfect left the room through the lists to not give us the certificate because we were busy paying all ran out of the room and we we salt the fence for us and scolded us many other fun experiences like taking all XV years and became drunk and said tontadas and testing pure dance and much more that will be unforgettable because the school is a very nice experience and since we do not go out and we got back together the salon for the bride groom and vice versa parties provided one could not for one reason or another but with the Volita thing I always hung out every Saturday we met in the homes of other people but as we enter the school each and party have been more loitering over all the things I never grasped the garlic in high school every weekend school holidays are more things that are experiences not seen orlived Avia is not until my autobiography completed horita not started if .